Software development at Seaview is handled by its sister concern Softex Digital. Softex ensures businesses a smooth way of moving ahead of the changing environments with the IT services such as consulting, outsourcing services, business solutions, etc. Our quality is driven by our vast experience in Information technology. At Softex, we are entitled to provide high-quality services with a quick turnaround.

Software Development

Softex business solutions or applications provides a leading edge to business continuity along with daily business operations. Expertise from various fields is used to build software pertaining to the client’s requirements. Value-added services are provided to the client based on their business operations. Softex provides solutions on console, web applications and mobile applications. The applications are developed using different technologies such as VB.Net, C#, Visual Basic, Java, iOS, Android & Windows using methodologies such as Waterfall, Iterative, Agile, etc. Our solutions are smart, cost-effective and designed to grow with your business.


Softex has been displaying its proficiency in various fields of Information technology since 1999. Softex has released various products across different platforms. HealthCarePlus is one of its products which completely automates a hospital’s operations. Initially it was developed on Visual Basic-6 with Oracle as back end and later it was revamped using WPF and SQL Server, enabling part of it to be used as a Windows desktop application and the rest as a website.  It is being used by the Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum.

The company has also successfully launched the Softex E-Shop software which is meant to computerize the functioning of a medium to large sized shop. With various modules, it is more than enough to handle the complete management of a shop and is being used by various retail shops and shopping malls all across India. This product makes use of C# .Net. MVC Framework is applied in Web modules of this application for easy maintenance and improving the performance.

AutomotivePlus is another product of Softex which is intended for the automation of an automobile dealer. Developed using Visual Basic .Net on Visual studio 4.0 framework, it makes use of Oracle as its back end. It also has multiple modules within the application covering every task from purchase, sales, service, stock keeping and even managing the company’s human resource.


Parthas Textiles

Parthas textiles is one of the best known apparel shopping centers in South India. Softex has been developing their shop automation since long. The solution developed for them offers a wide range of functionalities designed to support complete operations specific to the apparel industry. The functionalities include real time information entry, maintenance, tracking and intelligence facilities to users via secure Internet technologies, etc.

Nirmala Automobiles

Nirmala automobiles is one of the biggest automobile dealers in the state. They make use of AutomotivePlus software developed by Softex in all their branches. AutomotivePlus is an affordable and easy to use application, with multiple editions for any automobile dealers

Devi Opticians

Devi Opticians is an optical company which has been offering personalized eye-care by manufacturing and dispensing of ophthalmic lenses. Devi Opticians makes use of Softex’s software to manage all their branches through a centralized solution.

SpecZone, Softex’s optical center software is presently one of the finest softwares in the optical industry to manage such outlets. The software is very user friendly and offers a wide range of solutions aimed at making business owners in this industry manage more efficiently.

Rajakumari Textiles & Shopping Mall

Rajakumari Textiles is a leading retailer in the state with over 18 centers spanning across south Kerala. They use Softex’s retail automation software for all of their branches. Softex’s Apparel Management Software is perfect business solution for a medium to large scale apparel shops with various operations such as Point of sale, Barcode management, Loyalty management, Accounting, Operations and process, Purchase, Sales, Order, Inventory and many add-ons.

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