Advanced Learning Center


Seaview is one of the first companies set up in the IT hub of Kerala, Technopark. The company soon realized the challenges with regards to resourcing and training and thus Advanced Learning Center (ADL) was constituted. The scope of ADL was then expanded to include IT finishing and soft skill development. ADL conducts workshops, seminars, customized training modules and interview sessions, working alongside the company’s HR team. Senior team members, managers, industry experts, and other high-value individuals constitute the training team which is restructured depending upon program needs. The team identifies basic deficiency areas in an individual through various assessment parameters and a training schedule is planned, taking into account the individual’s areas of interest along with company’s skill needs. ADL has been tasked with identifying and developing talent with an increased attention on the local and neighboring geographical borders, thus supporting balanced economic growth in regional areas. Seaview is actively supported in this endeavor by other IT majors in technopark with whom it partners.

Program Benefits

For Company

  • Blending of the company’s philosophy and mission statement
  • Creation of a new resource pool of highly employable resources
  • Bridges the gap between knowledge and requirement
  • Helps retain local talent for a longer term
  • Quicker and more efficient resource upgrade program
  • Ability to scale up services and solutions due to resource availability

For Colleges

  • Faster industry interface
  • Increased awareness of challenges within the IT industry
  • Opportunity to restructure student programs
  • Increased number of students placed through campus recruitments
  • Offers a chance for weaker students to learn and compete with their peers
  • Better branding and visibility among the student community

Learning center Overview

  • Training in latest technologies
  • Advanced academic projects
  • IT finishing with live industrial experience
  • Academic tie-ups with professional colleges
  • Placement assistance
  • Internship programs

Internship Program

A classic chicken or egg first challenge, freshers have for long bemoaned their helplessness in getting through to their first job due to lack of experience. An industry first, Seaview offers one of a kind opportunity for freshers to complete a three-month internship within the organization after their study program. All selected candidates will be paid a stipend during their internship period and will be further considered for absorption based on requirements. There are separate programs for both programming as well as networking. This program is aimed at ensuring a basic experience level which most IT companies demand while recruiting.

Why Us?

  • Over 20 years of experience in IT training, including programming and networking.
  • Industry preferred center for training and development.
  • Classes by senior IT professionals.
  • Students work on real time live projects.
  • Focus on developing a candidate’s attitude along with work aptitude.
  • Special attention towards communication skills.

Software Specialization

Our core competency is to train on technologies that are used in-house for development. We constantly keep ourselves updated on new releases and latest versions. Our training workshops cater to both basic as well as advanced level training for professionals. Our products and services are based on the following platforms:

C# and ASP.NET (4.5) training – We offer C# training for creating Web applications and Windows applications, including ASP.NET AJAX, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Web services, LINQ, Deployment and other technologies.

Java & Java EE training, including Java fundamentals, Java Servlets, Java EE, JSP training, JDBC, Ajax, JSF, Swings & AWT, Java Mail, XML, EJB3.0 and other technologies.

PHP and MySQL training, including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, OOP, Database integration and other technologies. We also offer training on MySQL training.

Advanced PHP training, including Ajax, Joomla, Cakephp, Smarty, XML & Web services and other technologies.

Android Programming & Application Development – Java based training for programming on the   Android platform. Includes Applications and Activities, UI Design, Intents, Broadcast Receivers, Adapters and Internet, Files, Saving States and Preferences, Database and Content Providers on Android, Location Based Services and Geocoding, Services & Threads, Widgets, Media Handling, Camera, Telephony and SMS, Bluetooth, Network and Wi-Fi, Sensors.

For more details on our training and internship programs, contact:

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